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Announcing Apelon DTS Version 4.3
Last Post 04 Aug 2015 08:40 AM by jbowie. 0 Replies.
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04 Aug 2015 08:40 AM
    Apelon is pleased to announce availability of DTS Version 4.3. This release highlights a new Publish/Subscribe API for Namespace notifications and further enhancements to the DTS Editor.


    Apelon DTS 4.3 introduces the ability to send XML notification messages to either automated systems or key personnel. These events will now be able to be tracked through the DTS Publish/Subscribe system: Namespace Creation and Namespace Version Publication. Subscribers can be configured to receive all messages, or only those associated with specific namespaces, and alerts for failed messages can also be configured. A description of this feature is given in the DTS Publish Subscribe document. DTS Administrator Users can access the Notifications Configuration panel from the DTS Editor Options menu.

    DTS Editor

    O Start Up

    Due to new DTS Editor Layout capabilities (see below), the Editor opens with an empty window consisting only of Connect options. Once connected, the appropriate layout for the user is loaded. For most users, this will be the familiar standard DTS layout.

    O Layout Editor

    The DTS Layout Editor, available from the Options menu, provides a flexible, easy-to-use GUI editor for DTS Editor Layouts. Like Namespace and Subset Profiles, User and System Layouts are now maintained on the server, not in client xml files, although xml import and export options are present in the Layout Editor for exchange. Both User and System Default Layouts are available. For a complete description of the Layout Editor, see the DTS Editor Module Guide and the DTS Layout Editor video on YouTube at

    O Details Panel - URLs as Property Values

    When a DTS Property's value consists of an absolute URL, i.e. a string beginning with http:// or https://, a new "Open Target" option appears in the Property's right click context menu. Selecting this option opens the URL in the user's default browser.

    O DTS Editor About

    The About dialog now offers additional client and server configuration information such as operating system, version number, memory utilization, etc. Click on the “Details >>” label in the About panel to show this information.

    O Module Architecture

    A number of additions have been made to the Module Architecture API to support Layouts and the Layout Editor, and to simplify menu and toolbar item enablement. Developers of custom Modules should review the Converting Plug-in Modules section of the DTS Editor Module Guide for further information.

    DTS Version 4.3 is available from the downloads page. For further information on the release, see the revised Release Notes on the Documentation page
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