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Introducing Import Wizard V4.0
Last Post 09 Jan 2014 08:47 AM by jbowie. 0 Replies.
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09 Jan 2014 08:47 AM
    The Import Wizard DTS Editor plug-in, the standalone ImportWizard application, and the DTSImport batch file enable the importing of information into DTS Namespaces and DTS Subsets. For Namespace import, data can be imported into either new or existing (populated) Namespaces; Thesaurus and Ontylog Extension Namespaces are supported. For Subset import, expression creation (from specified Concepts) and building are supported. Import data comes from either delimited text files (such as those resulting from TermWorks mapping sessions), Excel files (.xls or .xlsx) or specially formatted XML files (Namespace import only, files can be created by the TQL Editor or written independently).

    Version 4.0 of the Import Wizard fully implements the DTS V4 Module Architecture and adds new functionality including subset imports, attribute delete functionality, attribute update and delete for Qualifiers, and a new batch parameter syntax. It also includes improved status reporting. See the Import Wizard User Guide in the distribution kit for further information.
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