Importing ICD10 data into apelon - Import Specification
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16 Nov 2018 08:14 AM

    I have data in the following TSV/CSV format. I'm struggling to understand how to import the data into apelon so that once imported it will show up under a new namespace in the dts browser.

    "icdid" "icd10code" "diagnosis" "count" "category" "chapter"
    1 "A00.0" "CHOLERA DUE TO VIBRIO CHOLERAE 01_ BIOVAR CHOLERAE" 7 "Infectious and parasitic diseases" "A"
    2a "A01" "TYPHOID AND PARATYPHOID FEVERS" 5 "Infectious and parasitic diseases" "A"

    I basically need help creating the import specification. I fiddled around and created the following. I really don't understand the idea of the concept key. How can I map the data above into the relevant format apelon requires?

    <import-spec namespace="icd10rwa" >
    <field type="Concept Key" valueParms="/A/Q/F=2" spaceParms="/V="icd10rwa"" />
    <field type="Code" valueParms="/Q/F=2" />
    <field type="Name" valueParms="/F=3" />

    The above imports the data into the dts_concept table, but the browser entry is just empty. I can search for the data in the browser and it will successfully find it though.