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Jorge Avendañoreplied to: RE: Code Example WebServiceQuickStart Document

Now my test example works fine with "-1" as the setContentId argument, so now i can use the pattern for search concepts. Thanks you very much for y...


Jorge Avendañoreplied to: RE: WSDL?

Hi Alba, In may case the endpoint for the WSDL file is and all work fine. Anyway, I recommend ...


Jorge Avendañocreated the topic: Create new namespace from DTS Editor

Hi all! I'm trying create a new namespace from DTS Editor, but when i connect with thew followings parameter: - host: - port: 4447 ...


Jorge Avendañoreplied to: RE: Code Example WebServiceQuickStart Document

Hi DiTs, I'm working with Eclipse. Exactly the code I have is: /**INIT CODE**/ DtsQueryDaoService service = new DtsQueryDaoService(); System.o...


Jorge Avendañocreated the topic: Code Example WebServiceQuickStart Document

hi all, I'm trying to modify the example in WebServiceQuickStart document so that instead of looking for a concept code, use a search for a name p...



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